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What Is Soukapay?

Soukapay is online payment platform that assist businesses and organizations to collect online payment.

What is Jana@Soukapay?

Jana@Soukapay is another feature in Soukapay. Jana@Soukapay enable business owner to create simple online selling page integrated with built-in payment page. Their customer can choose the product and make a payment directly through the page.

What is the payment method that currently available in Soukapay?

For now, we integrate with FPX which provided by Paynet.

Do you have any available plugin?

Yes, we do have Woocommerce WordPress plugin. Please contact us to get the plugin. We will upload it at WordPress repository as soon as possible.

Fee and charges

What is the fees imposed by Soukapay?

For our Basic package, we charge RM1.50 per FPX transaction. For Enterprise package, it depends on mutual agreement between parties and offer by the Banks For Jana@Soukapay, we charge at RM2 per FPX transaction.

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